Life is good

Not sure what I am going to say, I just felt the urge to put my thoughts on paper (laptop) today. So welcome to my first official post on my blog.

Having just returned home from a sort of marathon shopping day, and by marathon I mean going to 2 stores in the same day, not a shopper. While shopping I realized how pricey it is to have another home. I was just going in to buy sheets and towels… just a few things for the lake trailer but wow…outfitting another home, even inexpensively, still adds up fast.

It especially added up once I started seeing things like cute fish soap-on-a-rope and nautical/beach themed items. Soap-on-a-rope has never just caught my eye, actually it’s always been a fun joke-y kind of thing. But thankfully this time I was able to stop myself before it got too crazy and started picking out decorative oars or something. But I could have kept going and going.

On a positive note, and by the way, we now own a fabulous piece of property on a lake that will be ours until we retire…or decide to sell it. We got a great deal for the neighborhood it is in and ultimately will build a “real”  or “stick built” house years down the road to replace the trailer. The trailer also came fully equipped with all the exotic trailer-like furniture and decor one could desire, but one doesn’t desire that. So, I can’t wait to bring all of my new findings to the lake house and make it our own.

Another positive is I now have something new to focus on, a chance of something new and exciting to break up my life. Not that my life was monotonous and boring beforehand but I love new things and change…most of the time.

Okay then, that was it…what’d you think? Short and to the point…like me. And if you didn’t already notice, I like dots. Not polka dots but … < those kind.

"Fresh II"

I think for all of my posts I will post a painting because I am an artist after all.  The one above is an oil on canvas that is currently hanging in Crowne Office Suites, Inc. Lenox office.

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