Beaches & Sunsets

I love sunsets. Even more than sunsets, I love the beach. The sand in between my toes is an immediate anxiety killer. If you know my artwork at all you know that I paint sky, beach and sunsets…constantly. Just recently my husband was in my studio and I asked, “do you think I like to paint with blue?” I am guessing this will be my Blue Period when historians discuss my life’s work after I am long dead and gone.

Not sure what it is about sunsets, maybe it’s the colors and ever changing range they bring. Maybe it’s amazement in what God can do over and over and over again and still induce awe.

Orange Glow

This photo was taken by a friend on her vacation to the Florida Keys. I have invited              myself to her vacations numerous times but she hasn’t included me yet.  Guess I will have to get new friends…

I always wonder what it would be like to live on the beach but am not sure if that is something that is going to happen in this life. For now I will just continue to take photos whenever I do get to go and as I see them around the city of Atlanta where I live.

Here’s another shot of a sunset taken by my “friend” on another one of her vacations without me. But I am not bitter.

Big Sun

And yet another gorgeous, God made scene…how does He do it???

Purple Sunset

Hopefully you have enjoyed these photos as much as I have. Seeing them has helped me get inspired so now I am off to paint a masterpiece!

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