Inspiration is a funny thing, it can come from so many different places, forms, images…planned or not. 

This definition from explains it well for me:

    “A Divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul.”

I am constantly praying and hoping for inspiration especially when I have an event or show that needs work from me. It usually works the same way:

     1. I am invited to be in a show, yeay!

     2. Please send samples of work, done.

     3. We need 4-5 pieces to display, um.

     4. The show is in 2 weeks now, oy.

     5. Inspiration, why do you elude me so?

     6. One week before show: getting painting done.

     7. Two days before show: this is bad, really bad, nothing is done.

     8. Night before show: painting, finishing, hanging frantically.

     9. Sort of sleep but keep thinking of what I have forgotten to do and could get done in the morning.

     10. Day of show, drop off work and gush about how I have been working on these for weeks…tirelessly. 

You would think after years of this routine, I would change something to make my life a little easier. Sure, having a full time job or two, a husband and 2 dogs would allow for that but it doesn’t always. It’s hard to change ones personality right?


________________________________ Anyway ___________________________________


Back to inspiration, if only I could paint on the spot or get a good photo of something immediately when inspiration hits. Then I could get right into the studio and start that magical work of creation! I guess that is most artists’ dream, right? It all looks and sounds and feels so glorious to imagine it falling into place like that but reality is a beast most of the time. 

Generally I rely on my memory of an inspiring moment to do the work that I feel needs to be done. I think that if I remember it vividly and clearly then it must be something I have to paint, whether it’s now or later. This did happened this past year when a very dear friend of mine was speaking at a women’s event for the first time. She spoke on Metamorphosis and was just lovely: nervous, funny, insightful, exciting and did I mention nervous?

What I remembered most about her and the event were the images & metaphors she not only painted in my mind about change spiritually and physically but the ones she had for her presentation. They felt freeing to me and new, even though a lot of them were familiar like a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly. Yet God spoke to me through her and it just lifted me and awakened my Spirit in a way I didn’t forget. Inspiration.


That day led me to an image that wouldn’t leave my mind, and therefore I needed to paint. So I worked on it for some time but I think I got it pretty close to what was in my mind.

Acrylic on canvas

“Metamorphosis” Acrylic on canvas


So at least I got this one done and now it’s on to the next one. Until then I will continue to look and pray for inspiration on a regular basis until something sparks it again to get me into the studio and maybe, just maybe, I won’t wait until I have a show to get lots of work done.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Julie, I’m with the Smyrna Arts and Cultural Council and would like to speak to you about an upcoming opportunity to display/sell your artwork. Please email me your number and convenient time to discuss further, 404-556-5282. Talk soon!

    – Shaun Martin

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