Changing styles…

It seems as though I have had the same style or feeling to my work for a few years now and I am ready to make a change, expand my creativity and try a new style of working.

So lately I have been working on some new paintings trying to step away from horizons and sunsets.

This is a sampling:


“Fervor” Acrylic on canvas


“Unyielding” Acrylic on canvas


This is a portion of another painting not completed yet.

The last one is still a work in progress and there are new ones I have started as well. Hopefully I will have more to come soon that aren’t sunsets.

However…my hands and body keep reverting back to my old standby: sunsets.

There is nothing wrong with sunsets, they are gorgeous, relaxing, full of vibrancy and a multitude of color but they have been done, by me…again and again.

So cheers to me trying a new style and we’ll see how long it lasts, otherwise you’ll be happy to know there will be new sunsets coming soon!

Hello world.

It’s been a minute and I don’t have much time on my hands these days with multiple jobs but wanted to share some recent work. I will load more soon as I have been in the studio again! Have an awesome day!

Sunlit Day

“Sunlit Day” Acrylic on canvas – 2015



“Segue” Acrylic on canvas – 2016


Stretch Me I

“Stretch Me I” Acrylic on canvas – 2015


Stretch Me II

“Stretch Me II” Acrylic on canvas – 2015


Art for the office & home

How many white walls are in your office? I lease office space (yes, I do have a real job) and I see a lot of empty walls in all kinds of offices. To me, it’s quite sad and dull. Why not put some art up there to make your environment a little more pleasant?

Recently, one of our executive office suites locations renovated and I have been asked to hang some of my work in the new spaces. How exciting! The tough part for me is always the balance of totally doing what I want to do vs. what will work in the space. I know, I know, don’t do art to match the drapes…but I do want it to make sense, color wise.

Here are a few I have completed:

"White Noise II" Acrylic on canvas

“White Noise II” Acrylic on canvas

"White Noise I" Acrylic on canvas

“White Noise I” Acrylic on canvas

All of these are on display in Peachtree Center, in the heart of Downtown Atlanta.

To see them in person http://www.peachtreeoffices.com

Acrylic on canvas

Acrylic on canvas


Acrylic on canvas


Acrylic on canvas


Inspiration is a funny thing, it can come from so many different places, forms, images…planned or not. 

This definition from Dictionary.com explains it well for me:

    “A Divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul.”

I am constantly praying and hoping for inspiration especially when I have an event or show that needs work from me. It usually works the same way:

     1. I am invited to be in a show, yeay!

     2. Please send samples of work, done.

     3. We need 4-5 pieces to display, um.

     4. The show is in 2 weeks now, oy.

     5. Inspiration, why do you elude me so?

     6. One week before show: getting painting done.

     7. Two days before show: this is bad, really bad, nothing is done.

     8. Night before show: painting, finishing, hanging frantically.

     9. Sort of sleep but keep thinking of what I have forgotten to do and could get done in the morning.

     10. Day of show, drop off work and gush about how I have been working on these for weeks…tirelessly. 

You would think after years of this routine, I would change something to make my life a little easier. Sure, having a full time job or two, a husband and 2 dogs would allow for that but it doesn’t always. It’s hard to change ones personality right?


________________________________ Anyway ___________________________________


Back to inspiration, if only I could paint on the spot or get a good photo of something immediately when inspiration hits. Then I could get right into the studio and start that magical work of creation! I guess that is most artists’ dream, right? It all looks and sounds and feels so glorious to imagine it falling into place like that but reality is a beast most of the time. 

Generally I rely on my memory of an inspiring moment to do the work that I feel needs to be done. I think that if I remember it vividly and clearly then it must be something I have to paint, whether it’s now or later. This did happened this past year when a very dear friend of mine was speaking at a women’s event for the first time. She spoke on Metamorphosis and was just lovely: nervous, funny, insightful, exciting and did I mention nervous?

What I remembered most about her and the event were the images & metaphors she not only painted in my mind about change spiritually and physically but the ones she had for her presentation. They felt freeing to me and new, even though a lot of them were familiar like a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly. Yet God spoke to me through her and it just lifted me and awakened my Spirit in a way I didn’t forget. Inspiration.


That day led me to an image that wouldn’t leave my mind, and therefore I needed to paint. So I worked on it for some time but I think I got it pretty close to what was in my mind.

Acrylic on canvas

“Metamorphosis” Acrylic on canvas


So at least I got this one done and now it’s on to the next one. Until then I will continue to look and pray for inspiration on a regular basis until something sparks it again to get me into the studio and maybe, just maybe, I won’t wait until I have a show to get lots of work done.


Show: Taylor Brawner House, Smyrna GA

Yes folks, I am pregnant, tired and working a full time “real” job but was privileged enough to have been invited to participate in a local art show.  I live just outside the city limits of Smyrna, GA and they are working hard to continue to revitalize and modernize this little city. Part of this effort involves bringing art to the community. This past weekend, April 4th 2014 to be exact, was the open house for a group show put together at the Taylor-Brawner House a historic, recently renovated, house just off the main city square. They frequently host tours and events and it’s a quaint little place. All of the artists either live in or are from Smyrna so it gave us local artists a chance to show our passions and talents to the public! They put together a page on Facebook also. Here’s a pic of baby momma (me) and hubby at the show…folks keep telling me I am glowing but I just feel bloaty. Ah, well.

In front of one of my pieces at the show

In front of one of my pieces at the show

Hopefully all of the artists will sell something or get their names out so more people can enjoy their creations.

Oh and we were in the local paper also, see here!

Beaches & Sunsets

I love sunsets. Even more than sunsets, I love the beach. The sand in between my toes is an immediate anxiety killer. If you know my artwork at all you know that I paint sky, beach and sunsets…constantly. Just recently my husband was in my studio and I asked, “do you think I like to paint with blue?” I am guessing this will be my Blue Period when historians discuss my life’s work after I am long dead and gone.

Not sure what it is about sunsets, maybe it’s the colors and ever changing range they bring. Maybe it’s amazement in what God can do over and over and over again and still induce awe.

Orange Glow

This photo was taken by a friend on her vacation to the Florida Keys. I have invited              myself to her vacations numerous times but she hasn’t included me yet.  Guess I will have to get new friends…

I always wonder what it would be like to live on the beach but am not sure if that is something that is going to happen in this life. For now I will just continue to take photos whenever I do get to go and as I see them around the city of Atlanta where I live.

Here’s another shot of a sunset taken by my “friend” on another one of her vacations without me. But I am not bitter.

Big Sun

And yet another gorgeous, God made scene…how does He do it???

Purple Sunset

Hopefully you have enjoyed these photos as much as I have. Seeing them has helped me get inspired so now I am off to paint a masterpiece!

Life is good

Not sure what I am going to say, I just felt the urge to put my thoughts on paper (laptop) today. So welcome to my first official post on my blog.

Having just returned home from a sort of marathon shopping day, and by marathon I mean going to 2 stores in the same day, not a shopper. While shopping I realized how pricey it is to have another home. I was just going in to buy sheets and towels… just a few things for the lake trailer but wow…outfitting another home, even inexpensively, still adds up fast.

It especially added up once I started seeing things like cute fish soap-on-a-rope and nautical/beach themed items. Soap-on-a-rope has never just caught my eye, actually it’s always been a fun joke-y kind of thing. But thankfully this time I was able to stop myself before it got too crazy and started picking out decorative oars or something. But I could have kept going and going.

On a positive note, and by the way, we now own a fabulous piece of property on a lake that will be ours until we retire…or decide to sell it. We got a great deal for the neighborhood it is in and ultimately will build a “real”  or “stick built” house years down the road to replace the trailer. The trailer also came fully equipped with all the exotic trailer-like furniture and decor one could desire, but one doesn’t desire that. So, I can’t wait to bring all of my new findings to the lake house and make it our own.

Another positive is I now have something new to focus on, a chance of something new and exciting to break up my life. Not that my life was monotonous and boring beforehand but I love new things and change…most of the time.

Okay then, that was it…what’d you think? Short and to the point…like me. And if you didn’t already notice, I like dots. Not polka dots but … < those kind.

"Fresh II"

I think for all of my posts I will post a painting because I am an artist after all.  The one above is an oil on canvas that is currently hanging in Crowne Office Suites, Inc. Lenox office.